Our Music
Music and singing is an integral part of the church’s worship.  We are greatly blessed at LBC to have extremely talented musicians as well as singers.  Our dynamic song services help to set the tone for the services and prepare our hearts to receive the preaching of God’s word.  We enjoy congregational singing, choir music, and specials.  Our music program is approached with a sense of excellence by our musicians, singers, and song leader.  
Our Song Leader
Our Song Leader is Bro. Michael Camp.  Bro. Mike brings with him a joy and an excitement in leading worship here at LBC.  He has served as the song leader and choir director for many years and encourages all those gifted with musical ability to use their talent for the Lord in our worship services.
Our Choir
At LBC our choir is made up of everyday people who are willing to lift up their voices in unison with a desire to glorify God in song.  Our choir is a great blessing to the church and an asset in our worship. For those who are interested in the choir they have practice each Sunday evening at 5:30 before the services.